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About Us

Amir Atashi-Rang
Principal and Founder

Amir is licensed to practice law in California and Texas and he is a Certified Specialist, Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  Amir also holds a Master of Law in Taxation degree.  He started our boutique law firm back in May 2005  and has been selected to Super Lawyers for seven consecutive years starting in 2016.  When Amir is not working, you can find him and his dog, Blake, exploring new trails.

Amanda Ewing-Rice
Managing Partner

Amanda is the Managing Partner of the Atashi Rang Ewing-Rice Law Firm PC. Amanda attended UC Berkeley and majored in Legal Studies, with a minor in education. She attended law school and obtained her Masters of Law in Taxation at Golden Gate University. Amanda and her husband live in Clayton and enjoy afternoon hikes on Mount Diablo with their dogs, Bay and Clifford.

Michael Sly

Michael is an associate attorney who started working at Atashi Rang Ewing Rice Law Firm PC as an intern in 2021. He majored in Political Science at UC Berkeley before going to Golden Gate University School of Law. Michael is currently working on his Master of Law in Taxation through New York University’s Executive LLM program. He lives in the El Sobrante area with his fiancé and his dog Ronin.


Blake is Amir’s estate planning mentor. Most people think that estate planning is hard work but it’s not … and, here are the secrets: First, it’s imperative to start the day with a long hike. Second, you have to take breaks once every two hours. Third, eating snacks and treats throughout the day, preferably once every two hours, should never be overlooked. Fourth, play time and laughter is just as important as work. Amir has come a long way but he still has room for improvement.

Bay & Clifford

Rescue dogs, Bay and Clifford, spend their time supervising Amanda during her Zoom meetings. They will frequently pop in to make sure Amanda’s clients are happy campers. When they are not supervising, they enjoy making social media reels, napping, begging for treats and barking at any potential burglars that may be at the door.


Ronin’s main duty is keeping Michael on his daily schedule. Breakfast (for Ronin) and coffee (for Michael) must be served every morning at 8:30 sharp. In the afternoon, it’s time to patrol the neighborhood for cats and check the bushes for any new smells. Ronin also cares about the environment. Whether he’s snacking on leftover veggies or monitoring the kitchen floor, he’s always ready to lend a helping paw in the fight against food waste.